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Biodiversity at risk: preserving the natural world for our future

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Part of my AXA Chair for Functional Mountain Ecology is to reach out to the public to raise awareness of the issues at hand, biodiversity loss and climate change. Those two slow-motion catastrophes are a huge threat to our life-support system and finally also for ourselves. As a researcher, I can only contribute to parts corresponding to my expertise in solving the puzzle, define the challenge and to help mitigate anthropogenic impact. It is of very high importance that specialists like me can interact with other specialists in other fields, either directly or indirectly.

One such opportunity was given by AXA Research Fund, when they started working on the guide “Biodiversity at risk: preserving the natural world for our future” . The guide targets the general public, uses understandable language, and is based on interviews and contributions from quite a range of different academics, with different backgrounds and expertise, to bring together the disparate views on the issue. The guide is hence a collection of interviews, articles and desk research that discuss the critical nature of biodiversity, the interdependencies between nature, climate change, the economy and security, based on insights from AXA Research Fund supported scientists and biodiversity and climate change experts.

It is an interesting read for non-academics and academics alike, linking many different viewpoints and explaining the risks at hand from all the different contributors below.

Get the full guide here:

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