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Climate change impacts in an alpine lake

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

During our sampling for our work on the functional ecology of mountains, we regularly visit the Grand Lac de la Fache at 2435m altitude. It is usually an early start from the Refuge Wallon at 1800m asl. with a steady climb up. Fish have been introduced here a few years back (2015) and since then we have observed quite some important changes, which I briefly talk about in this film. When we first came to that lake, we had plenty of amphibian tadpoles around, easily visible. We saw a flock of sheep and heard some marmots. The water was very clear without traces of algae and eutrophication. This has now changed. Understanding which factors lead to this increased eutrophication is part of our research on which you can find some more information in our blog at

Check out also our short film on the tough life of amphibians:

#waterstress #eutrophication #nutrients #Fishintroduction #amphibians

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