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Water. Without it there would not be any life on our planet. A human cannot live longer than a few days without water, depending on the environment. With increasing temperatures (Climate Change!) survival might be short, as in a hot environment a human can loose 1 to 1.5 liters of water per hour! Water is also essential for most of nature, despite some extreme adaptations to dry environments. Humans use water not only for drinking, but also for hygiene, producing food, and producing other goods. Btw., water is also one of the three liquids necessary to run a car!

The UNESCO has stressed that Mountains are the Water Towers of the world, providing at least to half of human society fresh drinking water. It is therefore of outstanding importance for the UN Development Program and represented in the Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG): Clean water and Sanitation (see facts and figures below).

These days the conference of the parties (COP-14) is taking place in Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt). The theme of the Conference: “Investing in biodiversity for people and planet”. Investing in biodiversity is also investing in clean drinking water. The project P³ is contributing to our understanding of mountain ecosystems and one of the most important services they provide: clean drinking water.

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