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Radio interview on spreading pathogens

Science - the currency are published articles in scientific journals, which are sometimes so short and to the point that only other scientists can understand them. While science is mainly financed through public money, the public only recently gets informed about outstanding research through social media and the internet in more general terms. Our recent paper in Science on the origin of the deadly amphibian pathogen Batrachochytrium dendrobatitis has steered record highs of attention (Altmetrics).

It is important for scientists to engage with the media and also to check how research results are represented in the media, especially with our recent demand to stop amphibian trade to protect the global amphibian biodiversity. Such demands need to be explained in understandable language to a wide public, which needs to 1) understand, 2) realize the extent the threat before any actions will be tolerated, as only Positive sentiment and knowledge increase tolerance towards conservation actions.

The media attention in Germany has been very important and two radio interviews were the results:


Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk

Media coverage in Germany

It takes time, but it may give the impact to the research it deserves! Lets hope Policy also takes up the message and reacts accordingly.

Research Article

Recent Asian origin of chytrid fungi causing global amphibian declines


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