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Training and Exchange in Leipzig

During my short stay in Leipzig I had the pleasure to get to know both Helen and Oliver, two of our young P3 scientists with whom i will be working on understanding how microbiomes, pollution and hydrology interact. Exciting!

It was also the opportunity to catch up with Dirk, Jan and Judit. I planned my upcoming visit to UFZ, which will be from mid-march to end of may this year to get training, to run new models and to put my foot down on a first article. This stay will allow me to work closer with Jan, the catchment hydrology specialist of our P3 team and i will dive deep into hydrological modelling on that ocassion. I am looking forward to it! On the weekend, I could explore the city of Leipzig, which included a visit to the excellent museum of printing arts with Helen. In lack of a photo, here a sketch of Alytes obstetricans, the Common midwife toad, an endangered amphibian species in Europe, highly susceptible to the killer chytrid Batrachochytrium dendrobatitis. Safe the frogs!

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