• Gael

A crowded day at Arbu lake

Tons of people at Lake Arbu! More than 12 researchers were on site collecting a large range of different information on the lake and taking samples for geochemical analyses!

Lake Arbu, which is part of the OHM Haut Vicdessos in the central Pyrenees, is also integrated in many project such as the cross-border project: OPCC-REPLIM. The watershed is also studied in the framework of the P3 project and the connection of the different research groups allows are profound eco-bio-geo-chemical profiling of the lake and its surroundings. Lydia, Anna accompanied by Adeline visited the Toulouse colleagues from EcoLab & GEODE who were establishing a first geochemical map of the watershed as well as monitoring the lake and the nearby peatland (Bernadouze). On the way to Lake Arbu, Adeline and Marilen showed to Lydia and Anna the beauty of the Pyrenean landscape. A landscape that was recently (in 2016) highly impacted by an illegal and uncontrolled fire.

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