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Indian Summer colors in the Pyrenean mountains

After a few weeks break the mountains were calling again. From the distance one could see the snow patches high up, but it is always difficult to foresee what awaits you in the mountains. So, getting up early and starting out for a high altitude trip to 2500 meters was the first challenge, staying motivated when driving through heavy rain on the highway was the second one, seeing the temperature drop outside…. Well okay, one needs to be prepared, it is end of September after all! Getting of the highway, driving south towards the French Pyrenees, we start to see some clearer spots at the sky. Closing in on our target area it became blue! Helas!

So, up we went and started hiking at an altitude of 1900 m. Cold, a bit rainy, but the colors! Just wonderful. Golden shining meadows, red leafs, yellow leafs interspersed by green patches of pine trees. New views on something I have been seeing for over 10 years now several times a year and it was exciting and new and motivating.

So, more sampling awaits us and surely we will soon march through snow and more beautyful Indian Summer Landscapes

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