• Dirk

Three days of rain

Sure, you always need to be prepared to get wet when doing fieldwork in a temperate mountain range like the Pyrenees. Anyway, we started our second Pyrenean sampling round and so far, we were always wet, cold, but not miserable! 3 days in a row shoes were wet, backpacks were wet, and yes, sometimes also our underwear was wet. The latter especially, if you have to jump in to retrieve your sampling bucket, because you did not hold the line well enough…. So, yesterday the weather forecast was cloudy with some sun. What we had was clouds, lots of them, so many, we walked in them. What we also had was snow, not lots of it, but some, and at some tiny places the snow even stayed for a short while. Ah, yes, we also had some sun, a few seconds here and there, but never really where we were. So, we invented new ways to mark our tubes under rain and with cold hands unable to function properly. Hopefully, in the lab we will be able to decipher our scribbles. Despite this, we progressed well and after a day of rest will attack the mountains again.

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