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The Avalanche lake

Few people trusted the weather enough to go up into the mountains. Unstable weather conditions make a field trip always a bit of a lottery. Will the weather be good enough that you can do the sampling when arriving at site? Anyway, without much choice due to a pressing time schedule we made our way to Avalanche lake. The higher we got, the better the weather became. The students were wondering, where our path will lead us, as they only saw steep rock walls and not much of a path. Well hidden and a bit slippery from rain the path was there and we passed through the avalanche slope, through meadows with lillies flowering before we arrived at the lake. A few steps and the familiar small of garlic rouse. La cibulette everywhere and as no sheep have yet been put up there it was abundant and green. The lake itself in a wonderful setting, was showing a very low water level, astonishing given the heavy rain falls the days before. The lake itself was still cold and sported little life yet. After a smooth sampling, we went back down again and towards our preferred fromagerie. Finally, a nice piece of cheese, highly deserved.

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