Open PhD and PostDoc Positions
Mountain ecosystems are seen as particularly sensitive to climate change because they are influenced not only by altered average environmental conditions but also by climate extremes. Globally, the negative impacts of climate change on mountain ecosystems are expected to greatly outweigh the potential benefits. Future change is expected to especially affect mountain freshwater habitats, their biota and the surrounding terrestrial environment. The principal aim of P³ is to understand the impact of global change on microbes, plankton, amphibians, and on pathogen emergence in aquatic and terrestrial mountain habitats to establish mountains as sentinels of change.


We are looking for a highly motivated and qualified candidate with interest in paleoenvironmental sciences, holding a strong master and PhD degrees in geochemistry and paleolimnology. Additional qualification in aquatic ecology, lake and wetland and research international experience will be an advantage. This postdoc researcher will work within an interdisciplinary international team in the framework of the P3 project. The postdoc researcher will investigate elevation and latitude gradients in geochemical records from lake sediments through sampling, analyzing and interpreting the data, reconstruct the historical variation of anthropogenic impacts on the environment from lake sediment over the past 150 years, and use a paleolimnological approach to decipher the contributions of climate and anthropogenic impacts on the mountainous aquatic ecosystems.

This Post-doc position is a term of at least 1 years.

Requirements: Chinese and English are both required.

The earliest starting date for each position is April 1st, 2018.

Salary corresponds to 100000 - 125000CNY/yr depending on experience.


The call is open until the position is filled. The P3 project and the Belmont Forum supporting agencies particularly aim to increase the number of female researchers.


Advisors and contact: Kunshan Bao (  


Internships (all years)

We are always looking for internships with the following broad topics:

1) Ecogeochemistry of freshwater ecosystems (analysis field samples, sampling, analysis)

2) Organic pollutants and their impact on foodwebs and pathogen incidence (analysis field samples, sampling, analysis)

3) Planktonic interactions (lab experiments, sampling, field experiments)

4) Amphibian and human pathogens in freshwater ecosystems

If you are interested in one of the topics, contact Dirk S. Schmeller